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Body for Life

Body for Life is a program designed by Bill Phillips to challenge the average person to make healthy changes in their life. Body for life is not just about getting results in changing your body but becoming a winner in every sense of the word - both personally and physically.

Body for Life Challenge

Body for life is typically a 12-week program called a challenge. Body for Life is structured so that the average person can do it and achieve results without being a fitness or diet expert.

Body for Life Diet Plan

In the Body for Life diet plan, you eat 5-6 small portion sized meals per day. Each meal has one portion of protein (meats), one portion of quality carbohydrates and one portion of green vegetables. By eating several small portion sized meals per day, your body is better able to regulate insulin production keeping cravings to a minimum and supply a steady supply of nutrients to the body. One of the differences of Body for Life and other diet plans is that one day a week you get a 'free day' where you get to eat what you want.

Body for Life Exercises

Body for Life requires rigorous but realistic workouts. You will work out 6 days per week, alternating weight lifting and aerobic activity each day. On your weight lifting days you will alternate between upper body and lower body workouts to build each up and allow the other time to recover.

This Page - Body for Life Challenge Tracker is your completely FREE tool for tracking results of your Body for LIFE program (or any fitness/diet program) and a network for discussing, helping, and sharing results with others. Why join?

  • Results speak for themselves!
    • One of our members won the 2006 Canadian grand championship and won an Audi TT convertible! Tracker members in the USA won 5 out of 12 of the grand champion categories of the Body for LIFE competition for 2006. 15 other members placed in the top 10 of their categories!
    • One of our own members who tracked their challenge online was a top 15 finalist for the 2005 Body-for-LIFE Challenge!
  • Several past Body-for-LIFE champions have profiles and are regular members of our support community! Get answers from the pros and support from others like yourself!
  • Tracking your progress and participating in the community helps reinforce positive behavior and sticking to the plan. A recent study from the University of North Carolina showed that people who communicated online with other dieters had better results than those who didn't, and that those who used an automated computer e-mail counselor also had significant results, averaging 8-10 lbs of weight lost over 6 months.
  • We have the BEST and most SUPPORTIVE community of people every assembled here to encourage you to stick to the plan and help you out when you need it. We offer a team structure to those who choose it for extra support.
  • Figure out problems before they start -- our meal and activity tracking software will help you figure out how much weight you should be losing and why you may not be! Even figure out how many calories you are consuming daily or how many you are burning during your workouts!
  • Online databases of over 12,000 foods by the US Department of Agriculture and Glycemic Index for many foods. Recipe database of Body for Life meals!
  • It's FREE!
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