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Use of and participation in the message boards ("interactive community") is contingent upon your acceptance of the following terms and rules. By participating in the interactive community, you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms. For purposes of this agreement, "Participant" refers to you. "The Fitness Site " refers to, and other fitness sites owned by Total Heuristics Corp.


These forums are for discussing fitness and information associated with fitness. These guidelines are posted only to bring clarification on some issues where there have been questions in the past. The Fitness Site could not be any happier with the quality of posts provided by its participants and it is our desire to provide an environment that is conducive to discussions about fitness. In general what we're describing here is a code of conduct and if all of our participants will subscribe to this code of conduct most of these rules will be easily observed.

  • Show respect at all times.
  • Help build the fitness community.

The success of our forums depends upon the quality posts of our participants. We are proud of the success of our forums and give our thanks to those who have chosen to make our forums their fitness discussion home. To ensure continued success we are posting these guidelines so that all participants of the The Fitness Site forums understand what is considered unacceptable behavior in the forums and can result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

  • Unless stated explicity in the rules of the forum you are in, profanity and explicit subjects are not allowed in any public forum. Intentional misspellings using characters to replace one or more letters in profanity are not allowed unless all letters between first and last contain alternate characters AND the word appears within the content of the thread and NOT the subject (ex: s**t, f**k, etc). Private forums are subject to the rules of that particular forum. As a general rule, any word you can not say on primetime network television during is considered profanity. If a member uses profanity in their post we reserve the right to edit it without notification to the user of such actions.
  • Off-site links and videos
    You may link to off-site resources (videos, links to other web pages, etc) provided:
    • You have no financial/commercial interests in those site
    • If the page/site/video being linked to contains material that does not match the rules of this forum, you must provide a clear warning of the nature of the content before the link or video. The visible part of the link or video within the post without the user clicking on it must meet the rules of the site. In other words, no posting links with explicit/profane words in them, or videos where the first image is in violation of the rules. What the user sees after they click on it if they have been properly warned is not the concern of this site.
  • Advertising of commercial products or services is prohibited. This includes providing links to websites you have a financial interest in.
  • There is zero tolerance for personal attacks on this web site. This specifically means any text/post that is blatantly attacking another person on or off the forum, especially in a personal way. This includes Private Mails that are considered to be harassing by the webmaster.
  • Proof of Identity - Because of previous attempts by banned members and troublemakers to register new accounts in order to deceive other members, troll, or cause other mischief within the site, we may require proof of identity for members at the moderators/admin discretion. We will only request identification if there is a suspicion that the member's profile is fradulent and to verify that the person in question is or is not a banned member. Suspicious behavior includes when a member does not have a full profile, does not regularly update it or post photos, and generally posts non-topical messages, frequently hijacks threads or repeatedly violates rules. If your identity is under question, we may require faxed or mailed documentation (or use of an online identity verification service) to prove your identity in order to maintain your account.
  • Trolling is prohibited. Trolling is whenever someone is clearly, deliberately posting in a manner for the purpose of angering and/or insulting the other participants of the board. Wikipedia defines trolling as "someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding." Trolling DOES NOT encourage further discussion in the long run, it only encourages personal attacks (if left unchecked). Trolling on this site is considered a personal attack.
  • Thread Hijacking is not allowed. Thread hijacking is a form of trolling. Thread hijacking is the act of trying to steer a web forum discussion thread off topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand. While this can be an intentional act of trolling, it is often accidental - caused by other participants in the discussion responding to a throwaway remark, taking the thread off at a tangent to the original subject matter. The results, whilst sometimes humorous or otherwise interesting, often provoke a feeling of resentment from the author of the original post and distract from the original subject matter. As a rule we will not interfere in threads where unintentional hijacking takes place unless the thread author requests us to do so. Members who routinely hijack serious threads will be warned and risk suspension of posting privileges if the behavior continues. If you have to post a divergent topic or jokes in a thread, consider starting a NEW thread instead of distracting from the subject of the original thread.
  • Private Messages received on these Forums are to be considered private and are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the private message agrees.
  • Participant shall not post messages containing personal phone numbers or addresses.
  • Posting of pornographic images, racist or otherwise discriminating remarks, threats to cause physical or mental harm, extreme offensive language, material that breaks any law or otherwise totally unacceptable posts or links to pages that contain the aforementioned material may result in an immediate suspension or ban from the Forums.
  • Spamming the forums is prohibited.
  • The Karma system is designed to reward positive behavior by others and let others know negative behavior is not appreciated. Karma begging (requesting karma) or posts which are obvious attempts to gain karma will be considered spam.
  • Please adhere to the following restriction for images:
    - Maximum size of image file(s): 35k
  • Not responding to or ignoring moderator warnings can lead to suspension.
  • Off Topic (OT) posts are restricted to the proper area. They may only be forums designated as Off-Topic forums and should never be posted in non-Off-Topic forums.
  • All Forums have a main topic. When starting a new thread, make sure you do so in the proper Forum. Threads not in the proper forum are subject to being moved to an appropriate forum or even deletion.

The punishment for personal attacks is a one-time warning or an immediate removal from the system at the Webmaster's discretion depending on the circumstances. The following are the consequences for violation of other rules by a member in good standing (long-time user or multiple previous posts that did not violate rules).

  • If a rule violation is minor and doesn't involve personal attacks or other severe violations, only warnings will be given unless the behavior is repeated despite warnings. It is up to the moderators or admins judgement how severe the violation is.
  • 1st Infraction = Warning by the moderator(s) via Private Message and/or E-mail.
  • 2nd Infraction = Temporary (1 week) posting ban from the Forums (can read but not post).
  • 3rd Infraction = Temporary (multi-week) ban or Permanent Removal at the discretion of the Webmaster
  • If a member re-registers after being deleted or punished for infractions, the webmaster will take action against that person as if they were the same account if he believes them to be the same person. In other words if a previous account had one warning, you would receive the 2nd, if you had already been deleted and reregister, your first violation of the rules will result in account deletion without warning.

The webmaster reserves the right to impose an immediate ban on any member who flagrantly violates the rules after being warned not to or who threatens acts of violence or other harmful acts against Tracker members in real life.

If a member is deleted for violation of the rules and reregisters under a new name, it is at the discretion of the webmaster whether to allow the person to remain on the site assuming they now follow the rules of the site properly. Members who reregister and must be removed more than once are subject to IP banning and reporting to their Internet Service Provider for abuse and to proper legal authorities for possible criminal activities. Unauthorized entry into a computer network is a felony.

New members who have not posted in the past whose first message breaks the rules may be subject to an immediate temporary ban or removal depending on the severity of the infraction (in other words, if the first thing you do on here is post a troll, an ad, or a personal attack in the forums, you will be either temporarily banned or permanently removed without a warning). This is to prevent people who come to the site with the intention of disobeying the rules from being able to manipulate the rules to their advantage in regards to violations.

Thank you for being a part of the The Fitness Site community! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send us a private message or an e-mail at

The Fitness Site encourages the submission of material such as guides, articles, story's, editorials, and other creative "Submissions" that might be found useful by the community. Authors of such material will retain their full rights to the work; The Fitness Site reserves the right to publish such submissions on our web site(s) unless the author requests otherwise.

Participant authorizes The Fitness Site to utilize, in any manner it sees fit and for eternity, the Submissions posted on the site, which shall become the property of The Fitness Site. Participant releases The Fitness Site from any and all claims or liability (now known or hereafter arising) in connection therewith, and agrees to indemnify The Fitness Site in connection therewith. Participant agrees and acknowledges that participation in the The Fitness Site shall not give rise to any confidential, fiduciary, implied-in-fact, implied-in-law, contractual or other special relationship between Participant and The Fitness Site (other than the contractual relationship between The Fitness Site and Participant entered into by virtue of Participant's agreement to these Rules of Conduct.)

Whenever you post a message in the interactive community, your screen name will automatically appear with your message. You may choose a name to use in connection with your messages in the interactive community. However, you may not use a user name (or e-mail address) that attempts to impersonate another person; that belongs to another person, without his or her prior consent; that violates the intellectual property rights of any person; or that The Fitness Site deems to be offensive.


The Fitness Site is a distributor only (and not a publisher) of its interactive community. The content is supplied by Participant with occasional responses from The Fitness Site. The Fitness Site shall not be responsible for policing, monitoring, or editing such content, exercises no more editorial control over such content than would a public library, bookstore, newsstand, or other distributor of content, and accordingly, shall not be responsible for exercising editorial control over such content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Fitness Site shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor such content in order to respond to or comment upon communications by Participants and in order to determine compliance with the foregoing Rules of Conduct. The Fitness Site shall have the right and sole discretion to edit, to refuse to port or to remove any content whatsoever which it finds to be in violation of the provisions hereof or which it finds in its sole discretion to be otherwise objectionable for any reason.

  • The opinions expressed in the message boards are not necessarily (and in some cases not at all) those of The Fitness Site.
  • The Fitness Site is not responsible for any materials provided by users which are deemed harmful or offensive to others.
  • The Fitness Site is not responsible in any way for any injury, loss, or damage which occurs as a result of an opinion expressed or information provided in these sections of the site.
  • The Fitness Site is not responsible for the content of any sites linked to an The Fitness Site.

The Fitness Site makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the content in the The Fitness Site or the accuracy or reliability of any information or statements contained therein. All statements, advice and opinions made by Participants in The Fitness Site message boards are those of such Participants only, and The Fitness Site neither endorses nor shall be held responsible for the reliability or accuracy of same.

Participant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Fitness Site, its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all claims, losses, costs, and expenses (including attorneys fees) arising out of Participant's use of The Fitness Site, or arising out of any violation of these Rules of Conduct by Participant including, without limitation, any communication by Participant which is claimed to be defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful, which is claimed to violate the copyright, trademark, proprietary or other rights of third parties, or which constitutes a submission of materials.

The Fitness Site shall have the right to immediately terminate any Participant's use of the The Fitness Site if The Fitness Site determines in its sole discretion that Participant has violated the Rules of Conduct set forth herein or otherwise breached this agreement, or has engaged in conduct which The Fitness Site determines in its sole discretion to be unacceptable.