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Joshua, TX
53 year-old Female
5 feet, 1 inches
Registration Date: Aug 26, 2005
Last online: Dec 7, 2008 11:42 AM
Profile Last Updated: Sep 5, 2007
Last Photo: Sep 7, 2007

Gains Weight:
Mostly gained in my legs and hips.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Couch Potato.
Background: I heard about the BFL Challenge when someone sent me an email about a free BFL starter guide. I visited the web site and sent for the free starter guide. That first day on the web site, I spent quite a bit of time reading the success stories, and when I saw that there were women in my age group who had made such fantastic transformations, I became very excited! After I received the starter guide, I knew that this was an answer to my prayers! I called the toll free number in the starter guide and signed up for the 2006 Challenge, so here I am! I am excited about this new journey that I am taking. I plan to share my progress with other BFLifers, in hopes that my journey will help others!
Goals: My goals are to loose 15-20 pounds, to firm my body, and add lean muscle. I have had five c-sections, and I have no muscle tone in my abdomen, I would like that replaced with a six pack. My thighs and butt are completely out of shape, they are loose like jello, with a bad case of cellulites, my goal is to tighten and firm those areas! My goal is to also make exercise and eating right a part of my life! I also want to improve my health so that I do not have any more problems with heart palpataion, and spikes in my bloodpressure. Another goal is to improve my emotional well being to the point were I no longer suffer with bouts of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks! I also hope I can inspire my husband and children to take the challenge.
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