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Redding, California
United States
31 year-old Female
5 feet, 2 inches
Registration Date: Apr 9, 2015
Last online: Apr 9, 2015 11:14 AM
Profile Last Updated: May 11, 2015
Last Photo: May 11, 2015

Gains Weight:
Mostly gained at my waist.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Exercise a little once or twice a week.
Background: This has been an ongoing issue for me ever since the birth of my first child. This extra sixty plus pounds that have relentlessly clung to my body; dragging me down and sucking the life and energy out of me. Now that I am in my thirties, have dealt with lots of tragedy, and have been on the brink of loosing my mind and my health, I know that something has to happen, and now. I have tried body for life before and have had some success, but never fully went all of the way. It is time. Time for this mother of three to get her life back in spite of all the obstacles. Obstacles: 1. Money 2. time 3. Stress/Depression 4. binge eating disorder. Ever since I could remember, I have always been an emotional binge eater. It wasn't so bad as a kid, because of my metabolisim; however, it has only escalated later down the road. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused as a child and often food was given as a reward for my compliance; so it is no doubt where that horrid habbit came from. Ten years of this, is going to be hard to break, but it can be done and I will prove that.
Goals: 1. Reduce my body fat dramatically and into a healthy range. 2.Have glowing skin hair and nails. 3. increased energy! 4. Decreased depression.