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Ottawa, Ontario
31 year-old Female
5 feet, 1 inches
Registration Date: Jan 18, 2009
Last online: Feb 26, 2011 9:59 PM
Profile Last Updated: Jan 24, 2011
Last Photo: Jan 24, 2011

Gains Weight:
Mostly gained in my legs and hips.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Moderate exercise several times per week.
Background: I have had the BFL book since 1999, it was given to me by a relative six months after I had my first child. I read the book and was inspired but didn’t do much about it. I have never actually TRIED to do the program, just always thought that SOMEDAY I should. That elusive someday has arrived. I have planned and organized and re-read the BFL book, the BFL Champions book, and most of the success stories on the BFL site as well as on this one and I feel ready. Finally. I am looking forward to losing the butt that still jiggles after the rest of me has stopped moving. I am determined to follow through on this program and get tight and toned, to get healthy and sexy and to have more energy to keep up with the kids. I have never been really thin - I've always been the curvy girl. In my high school days I was 124lbs but that was still pretty soft and hippy. Since then, I have had two children and my weight had gone up to 164lbs. With dieting and exercise, thirty pounds slooowly came off a little bit at a time. I am now looking for something to get the last bits firmed up. I was told by a well-meaning relative once that I cannot continue to call any excess weight 'baby weight' after two years... The boys are now 10 and 7 so I guess I can comfortably say, it's all on me. It is also up to me to get fit so here we go!!!!
Goals: I will lower my BMI, (currently 24.5.) I will lose at least fifteen pounds of fat. I want to be tight, toned and firm Desired weight... well, currently I weigh 134lbs but that's not cool right now (refer to BEFORE pics). With 104.1 lbs lean muscle I am not certain what would be an ideal weight or new BMI. I just know that I want to fit in smaller pants and look HOT! :)