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Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
United States
46 year-old Male
5 feet, 11 inches
Registration Date: Sep 22, 2016
Last online: Sep 22, 2016 1:07 AM
Profile Last Updated: Nov 2, 2016


RealNowhereMan's Daily Blog

Okay it's time to reboot. I've slacked off on my workouts for almost four weeks. I'm redoing my diet only to simplify it and reduce food spoilage. I've got some household projects in progress and I find myself distracted and my exercising only comes in fits and spurts as an afterthought; if at all. My sleep pattern is STILL horrific and has completely snafu'd every attempt to work out in the AM, as I'm always scrambling to get out the door in time for work every. single. day. I hate myself for not getting that one HUGE obstacle under control.

I've maintained a large amount of control over my eating and havent fallen back in to my old junk food habits - I'm truly amazed that I've been able to fend off every temptation for fast food, candy bars, and sodas especially when I remember how large a part of my daily routines they were.

As is, right now - I'm happy with the weight loss I've achieved and my lower back is starting to feel better for it. I'm still horribly out of shape, so I really need to get back on track with the exercise - because everything I want to achieve from this point out now lies there.

Nov-2-2016 7:56 PM

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