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Bude,Cornwall, UK
46 year-old Female
5 feet, 6 inches
Registration Date: Oct 23, 2005
Last online: Jan 29, 2011 3:21 PM
Profile Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016
Last Photo: Jul 26, 2016

Gains Weight:
Evenly distributed over my body.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Moderate exercise several times per week.
Background: Having worked as a Gym Instructor for 16 years,I first completed the challenge in 2002 with excellent results. Finished top 3 in UK BFL challenge in 2006 but we are unable to officially compete in the challenge anymore in the UK :(
Goals: Get back to 135-140 pounds 17% body fat. Increase my muscle mass and fitness to help with my Artistic roller skating competition training.