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Wilmington, North Carolina
United States
27 year-old Female
5 feet, 9 inches
Registration Date: Jul 27, 2006
Profile Last Updated: Mar 30, 2008
Last Photo: Mar 30, 2008

Gains Weight:
Evenly distributed over my body.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Couch Potato.
Background: I haven't always been overweight. I was always tall and very skinny. I weighed about 125 when I started to get help for my meth addiction at age 17. I'd been using drugs since I was about 9. In beginning few months during recovery I gained nearly 60lbs. In the past few years I've added another 60lbs. I found BFL at a friends house. The book was sitting on the table. I borrowed it and read it in one night. It made sense to me. I attempted many times to finish a challenge, but could never follow through. I didn't really understand why I kept failing. Then in counseling I realized that it was fear. Fear of screwing up, fear of not being perfect, fear of succeeding. I truly didn't WANT to finish. I had hid myself for so long that I was scared to find out who I was without drugs, without food. Instead of hurting and punishing myself with drugs, I had started doing it with food. I had just switched addictions. I am still learning to heal, to be kind to myself, and to know that its okay to make mistakes, and its okay to feel. Thorugh BFL I feel I am finally on the right path.
Goals: My Ultimate goal is to get to 170lbs and be able to go swimming and wear a tank top without feeling embarrased. I'd also like to finish a triathlon this year.