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Toronto, Ontario
35 year-old Female
5 feet, 6 inches
Registration Date: Aug 19, 2015
Last online: Aug 19, 2015 6:46 PM
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ahhbilly's Daily Blog

So today was my first official day! It is not over yet, but I am confident that my evening will be successful. I started my day one on an empty stomach HIIT Cardio session. NOTES: - at about 12 mins in, I felt pressure on my chest. NEVER felt this before in my life. I didn't stop, or change the intensity, but I did slow my pace to try and focus on breathing. I started at a warm up level 6, and my max level was 11. I felt great afterward and was beat red, which made me feel like I worked very hard. Not bad for my first day back at the gym in a long time. -Eating wise, I started my day shortly after my workout with 2 eggs and a slice of Eizekel bread toasted. No butter, just a little hot sauce for moisture and flavour. Next meal was chicken and salad with a raspberry dressing. Not that tasty to be honest. Not a fan of the dressing, so I'll try a simple olive oil/vinegar mixture next. -hummus and celery with slivered almonds on it later on. - Its 5:30 and I'm feeling hungry but I don't think I had enough to eat in my last meal. I'm going to eat some cottage cheese to hold me over until hubby gets home and we have our dinner together - chicken and vegetables, with a piece of sweet potato.

Keeping it simple this week. Maybe stick to a few cardio days before the weight routine because I have a shoulder injury. Overall, today I feel great!

Aug-31-2015 5:36 PM

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