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bobw (
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States
50 year-old Male
5 feet, 6 inches
Registration Date: Jul 15, 2007
Last online: Jan 17, 2011 3:41 PM
Profile Last Updated: Jan 23, 2010
Last Photo: Oct 26, 2008

Gains Weight:
Mostly gained in my upper body.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Exercise a little once or twice a week.
Background: High blood pressure, lower back pain, weight gain. My greatest hurdle was low back pain since a 1986 surgery. A facet joint was removed along with a disc procedure. I eventually developed a very unstable condition. Finally a doctor got me into a new physical therapy program and I continued on from there. A highlight for me was being featured in the 2007 BFL 3rd round, and ultimately being named 2007 Grand Champion age 46 and up!
Goals: I've maintained the Body-for-LIFE lifestyle for 3 years! I'm 50 and in the best shape ever. My next goal is to establish a business that provides income from my fitness pursuits. Contact me if this is also your goal!
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