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West Palm Beach, Florida
United States
25 year-old Female
5 feet, 1 inches
Registration Date: Apr 4, 2007
Last online: May 12, 2008 8:48 PM
Profile Last Updated: Nov 6, 2017
Last Photo: Apr 6, 2008


Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #8
Starting weight: 107.8 lbs
Ending weight: 1000.0 lbs
Weight Change: 892.2 lbs (827.6%)

These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #8
Starting lean bodyweight: 85.8 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 22.0 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: -3000.0 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 4000.0 lbs
Muscle gain: -3085.8 lbs
Fat weight lost: -3978.0 lbs bodyfat

Week #WeightBodyfat %NeckChestBicepsForearmsHipsWaistThighsCalves
Challenge #1: BUFF MOMMY, HOTTIE WIFE - Started Jul 26, 2010
Challenge Goals/Notes: Want to add some muscle, and get a 6pack for my Disney World trip!motivated myself by signing up for a new gym in my neighbor hood that opens in about 3 months.
Week 0 Notes: Here we go ... let's see if I can make it all 12 weeks!