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Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
United States
46 year-old Male
5 feet, 11 inches
Registration Date: Sep 22, 2016
Last online: Sep 22, 2016 1:07 AM
Profile Last Updated: Nov 2, 2016


Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #8
Starting weight: 179.0 lbs
Ending weight: 165.5 lbs
Weight Change: -13.5 lbs (-7.5%)

These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #8
Starting lean bodyweight: 159.3 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 19.7 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: 148.9 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 16.6 lbs
Muscle gain: -10.4 lbs
Fat weight lost: 3.1 lbs bodyfat

Week #WeightBodyfat %NeckChestBicepsForearmsHipsWaistThighsCalves
Challenge #1: Get Fit For Once - Started Sep 12, 2016
Week 2 Notes: I'm not sure If I'm consistently measuring at the same exact locations each time. Maybe I should get some dotted lines tatooed on... hrm.
Week 3 Notes: Other than a few pounds lost, No noticeable difference anywhere, again. I'll stick with it. Heading into week four, I guess i'm getting anxious to see some development - Not discouraged. Self diagnosed "Anterior Pelvic Tilt", Am looking for APT friendly routines to incorporate.
Week 8 Notes: Fell off my horse with my workouts. Holidays, weird scheduling, birth of my first grandson, etc... all contributed to the excuses I'll use, but I did maintain control of my diet. I'm no longer concerned with losing weight, I'm comfortable with the 165 lbs I'm currently at - I'm not trying to evaporate into thin air after all. But, I do need to get fit - time to quit slacking off on the workouts.