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Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
United States
46 year-old Male
5 feet, 11 inches
Registration Date: Sep 22, 2016
Last online: Sep 22, 2016 1:07 AM
Profile Last Updated: Nov 2, 2016


RealNowhereMan's Daily Blog

I just don't understand. I "think" I'm doing everything right. I do every exercise to the point of failure, yet I hardly ever break a sweat, and very rarely even have mild tenderness or soreness. I'm recovering from my routines so quickly I cant convince myself that I'm doing them correctly and effectively. My sleep habits are still total shit and most days I have to do my planned routines in the evening after work, but I have not missed or skipped a single routine.

Heading in to week four, and while I've lost some weight - it's not that encouraging as weight loss wasn't a major goal. Right now, I'm right where most BMI and weight charts would consider "ideal" for a 46 yr old 5'11" guy. I'm nowhere close to ideal. Still scrawny AF with a big ass belly.

Recently learned about "Anterior Pelvic Tilt" and while that definitely has ME written all over it, It doesn't help explain why my upper body routines haven't developed anything yet. I may be just a little too anxious to see change.

Oct-6-2016 1:03 AM

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