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Pine River, Minnesota
United States
33 year-old Female
5 feet, 2 inches
Registration Date: Jan 20, 2008
Last online: Apr 16, 2008 8:38 AM
Profile Last Updated: Jul 13, 2021
Last Photo: Aug 21, 2015


Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #201
Starting weight: 145.0 lbs
Ending weight: 127.2 lbs
Weight Change: -17.8 lbs (-12.3%)

These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #7 vs. Challenge #1, Week #201
Starting lean bodyweight: 98.6 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 38.4 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: 85.2 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 42.0 lbs
Muscle gain: -13.4 lbs
Fat weight lost: -3.6 lbs bodyfat

Week #WeightBodyfat %NeckChestBicepsForearmsHipsWaistThighsCalves
Challenge #1: Keeping track - Started Jan 14, 2008
Week 1 Notes: Waist measurement is at my belly button which also happens to be my widest spot! Watch me personally shrink that number with nothing but dedication and a strong vision of my future six pack!
Week 2 Notes: TOM so weight should go down more next week...I hope. Working really hard. Eating excellent. Pushing hard. Focusing on end results. Cheat??? Why would I do that to myself???
Week 3 Notes: Have been feeling amazing. Increased strength and flexibility is felt. 3 weeks down and ready to push hard in week 4. More water.
Week 4 Notes: Tried a week without keeping track of Calories and I think that I ended up not eating enough. Really concentrating on hitting my calories this week. Not happy that the weight is the same. I wish I did not care so much what the darn scale said. Whatever. Visualize the future.
Week 6 Notes: I can feel the changes and I cannot wait to see them!! Everything is full force with 100% on water, meals and workouts.
Week 7 Notes: I so badly want to whine about the scale. It has not moved in weeks. I have never missed a workout. The closest I get to cheating on my meals is that a couple of days I only got 5 meals in. I am drinking more than 10 glasses of water a day. Thank goodness that I have 5 weeks left. Plenty of time for the hard work to show. Keeping the faith. I met with a trainer this week and finally figured out how to use my body fat caliper. Hopefully I can be consistent but cripes these calipers are tricky.
Week 8 Notes: Ten Pounds gone!! That is 35,000 Calories burned off my body in 8 weeks. Lot's of inches gone. I have my feet firmly on the BFL ground and am ready to finish this challenge with everything I have and then keep on pushing. After only 8 weeks I care more about my body than I ever have. Pure nourishment is my new craving.
Week 9 Notes: TOM showed up early so very happy that the scale moved down!! I have been really tired the last couple of days but still have made it to every workout!
Week 10 Notes: WEEK 10 FOR 26 WEEK MARATHON---WEEK 0 FOR 12 WEEK SPRING TRACKER eating was crap this week. Missed meals and water all over. Calm back down and respect and value each day. Weight is exactly the same as last week but I weighed after my Easter free day. True waist is 29.5". Finally got my thighs to give up a little!
Week 11 Notes: I am waiting until week 12 for pictures, weight and measurement. I love BFL! I am so thankful that I have learned this way of life.
Week 12 Notes: 12 weeks down. March on little soldier, march on! True waist is 29".
Week 13 Notes: ....
Week 100 Notes: July 12, 2015 I got TOM last night. Waist measurement is now at true waist. BellyButton at 35.5. There is no way this BF calculator is correct.
Week 101 Notes: July 22 2015
Week 102 Notes: July 31, 2015 belly button 35
Week 103 Notes: August 21, 2015
Week 104 Notes: Belly Button at 34", Have not been walking much, feet pain, Start SCA this week and Bo& Erin Get married. September 21, 2015
Week 201 Notes: July 13, 2021 measured thigh mid way between knee and hip