Thread: TEAM ASYLUM - Realistic Goals - Friday 9/18

Message Date: Sep 18, 2009 6:45 AM
Mr. T Pictures, Images and Photos good morning A-Team...uhhhhhh...i mean TEAM ASYLUM!!! I've literally been up all night because my blackberry which i typically use for my alarm clock decided to take a crap on me yesterday. won't even turn on! sooooo i've been paranoid that i would sleep in, and drifted in and out of sleep ALL NIGHT LONG....pretty exhausted right now! great start mike!! i was actually talking about this topic with my doctor yesterday--realistic weight goals. he is VERY impressed with the weight that i have lost (nearly 45 pounds since april). he also runs a weight loss clinic out of his office for people who are in need of "medical weight loss" such as diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, etc. i told him about the BFL program and he stressed the importance of having specific SHORT TERM goals...especially after i told him i was "planning" on losing another 50 lbs he commended me for staying within the 1-2 lbs./week and encouraged me to keep up with what i was!!!!!!! matt--don't forget to have FUN in the process!!! i know this can be a hectic time, but really, ENJOY IT!!!!! and one last word of advice....get as much sleep as you can now!!!!! joc--you craaaaazy thing you! glad you and your masochistic self are feeling great you're going to be an awesome lara croft for halloween!!!!! well, my plans for today are to finish a backsplash in an amazing 6 bedroom 6 bath home that is 4 stories high...pretty amazing house!!!! staying positive that everything will go as planned...seems like everything was just WRONG the last 2 weeks--the store i subcontract through has a)not ordered enough tile for 2 of the jobs i was on, b)ordered COMPLETELY the WRONG tile for another job....soooooooooooo, like i said, i'm hoping for a nice, easy day (crossing my fingers on this one!) my great-aunts funeral is tomorrow so i won't be around much. i have an ultra sound of my thyroid set up for Monday night and a visit to the spine clinic on oct. 9. OOOOOHHHHHH.....and some GOOOOOOD NEWS: tomorrow is the last day of challenge 2 for me!!! yea! i made it through another challenge!!!!!! i will be taking FINAL PICS on sunday....pretty excited!!! have a great day TA!!!!

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