Thread: TEAM ASYLUM - Realistic Goals - Friday 9/18

Message Date: Sep 18, 2009 8:15 AM
Morning Team Greg, gee...don't give yourself time to train or anything. LOL Joc, how's Aub liking Pschool? Glad you got your house done! Can't get anything accomplished on my end either! Telle, you still doing WW teaching? I'm trying to get mom to go (again). I told her I'd go with her even though I'm (obviously) not trying to lose weight right now. I thought I'd go for the support. I'm digging the Monster hunger guy! Shana, awesome job finishing up your challenge!!! Sorry about the funeral. I'm glad you've got your appts lined up! Hope there's good news in the end! Take pics of the tile job I'm mapping out my tile needs!! MM, good to see ya! How's UD feeling? Any baby bump yet? We understand you've got alot on your plate! MikeyB, Great Start today! Some good things to remember. It makes such a difference to remember the right way to weightloss. I'm trying to keep that in my head as I'm moving UP the scale right now. Gotta remember that it'll all come off after b/c I know what I'm doing! I'm in my office today (on Tracker ) and off to the gym for a really long wkout tonight. I'm heading to the store for a new fitness swimsuit too to start incorporating water (yuck) in my regimen. I'm in a challenge at the gym so I've got to mix it up a little! Have a great day!

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