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Posts: 2 The waist trainer belt composition is: Inner layer: 100% Neoprene Outer layer: 100% Polyester. The neoprene material can burn more calories. The material can effectively accelerate the speed of sweating in the abdomen, thereby achieving the effect of burning fat.It is made of buckle, zipper and Velcro.The buckle and velcro belt are adjustable and also serves as reinforcement and prevents movement. The zipper design provides convenience for putting on and taking off. The three designs combine to achieve the best fat burning effect for people who burn fat and shape their body.The product fits the human body design and has super-high body shaping ability. During the wearing process, neoprene will accelerate the body heat, make you sweat 3 times more than usual during exercise, and effectively achieve a healthy fat burning and weight loss effect. Suitable for walking, jogging or doing aerobic exercise.

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