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Moochie63 Member

Registered: Jul 2022
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HI everyone! I just started a new challenge on Sunday, 7/10. I completed my first challenge bck in 2004 (!!) and I dropped from a women's size 12 to a 4 in 12 weeks. I am fired up and ready to undergo another transformation.

I've managed to stay pretty good over the last few eyars - now a 6-8 and weight is maybe about 5 pounds up - BUT, I am definitely much fatter all over my body. The scale is deceiving, folks. I've got about 20 lbs. of fat to lose and about 10 pounds of muscle to gain!! Who's with me?????

Back in the day, the Guestbook for BFL truly helped me succeeed. I loved sharing stories, recipes, struggles with others and I hope I can be helpful, as well.

Be best - have faith in yourself and stay strong. Would love to hear from you!


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